Meet our Board of Directors!

Tafadzwa Matiure

Tafadzwa “Taffie” Matiure is a citizen of Zimbabwe. Winner of the prestigious DreamStar Zim competition in 2017 alongside his band, Footprints, Mr. Matiure is a renowned performer and teacher of mbira, marimba, acoustic guitar, percussion, vocal and traditional dancing. He grew to love music at an early age through the influence and mentorship of his late father, Dr. Sheasby Matiure, who taught & performed Shona music around the world.
Tafadzwa was a choirmaster of a boy's choir during high school, then enrolled in the Zimbabwean College of Music and graduated with a National Certificate in Music. Alongside his college studies, Tafadzwa frequently appears at the Harare International Festival of Arts (HIFA), and the Annual International Carnival as a traditional dancer. Graduate of Midlands State University in Zimbabwe, Taffie holds a degree in Music Business, Musicology and Technology. In 2019 Taffie released his first full album, Mavambo, which is available on all platforms.
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Danmore Kusaya

Born in Rusape, Zimbabwe, Dan had an interest and knack for traditional music and instruments from an early age, in part because of his father who was a well-known traditional healer in the village. Growing up in Nyavanhu village, there was no mbira music played there. Dan's father had a mbira even though he didn’t know how to play it, and had strict rules that nobody was allowed to touch the instrument.
Ignoring his father's wishes, Dan secretly played it, and, "It produced a sound I could feel in my whole body and I live it from that moment on." After playing a traditional song, Karigamombe, for his father- which came to him in a dream- Dan has been playing music ever since! He plays mbira, marimba, hosho, and traditional dancing. Dan has toured with Minanzi Mbira Band, Thomas Mapfumo, and currently teaches at Casterbridge Music Development Academy (CDMA) in South Africa.

Abby Diaz

From the very first note, you can plainly see the exuberant energy within Abby Diaz that calls her to convey the beauty of Shona music. She expresses this through dancing, singing, and creating percussive textures using magavhu (leg rattles) and hosho (gourd shakers). An inspiring performer and teacher, Abby holds knowledge in a variety of instruments, dance forms and vocal styles.
She was a member of Sheasby Matiure and the Mbira Queens for over 10 years, and more recently performed with the Oakland, California-based Chinyakare Ensemble- directed by Julia Chigamba. Abby embodies the joy and depth of Shona music while respectfully making it her own. She holds a B.A. in Folklore & Ethnomusicology, and Spanish, an M.A. in Urban Education and teaches Spanish. Founder of Zimbuya, Abby strives to make Indiana a destination for Zimbabwean artists and musicians!

Jim Harney

When invited into Jim's personal space, one can easily see his love of music in the sheer number of instruments with which he surrounds himself and in the way he constantly and reverently holds one in his hands. The music of the Shona people of Zimbabwe spoke loudly to him when he first heard it performed.
His initial and continued enthusiasm were shadowed only by his resolve towards learning. Since then, he has studied and played with masters. He has devoted himself to both the preservation and the evolution of this music. With one foot rooted in the history and tradition of the music, the other will walk the path yet seen by the ancestral spirits.

Meghan Reef

Meghan Reef first began playing Zimbabwean music in 2004 at Indiana University Bloomington as part of an African Music and Culture class in the Ethnomusicology Department. In 2005, she was invited to join the Mbira Queens and shortly after, the Mutinhimira Marimba Ensemble. Meghan earned her undergraduate degree in Ethnomusicology from IU in 2007. She has remained active in the Zimbabwean music scene, traveling with the Mbira Queens and Dr. Sheasby Matiure in 2008 to Zimfest in Tacoma, WA. In 2014, she acted as volunteer tour coordinator for Bloomington when Dr. Sheasby Matiure traveled to the US for a four month tour and has coordinated Taffie Matiure´s recent tours, Dr. Matiure’s son.
Meghan has a long history of playing music, having played violin since the age of 4. She has also been a professional DJ for nearly 20 years, spending the last five years as one of the Resident DJ’s at The Back Door club in Bloomington. Meghan is also an avid urban farmer and along with her husband, Jim Reef, serve as Owner/Operators of the Reef Family Farm Project. Happily married for over 15 years, Meghan and Jim live in Bloomington, IN with their 2 children, Aidan and Seelie.

Dr. Sheasby Matiure

"He was a well-loved teacher and friend to many in all corners of the US. He was known for his immensely powerful singing voice, his strict concern for Shona pronunciation, and his “tough love” teaching style.
His humor kept workshops and rehearsals light and full of laughter, and his discipline sharpened our skills. Sheasby’s talent was immense, and his ability to teach Zimbabwean music was a cherished gift for students and audiences across the world. He believed that the power of music was in sharing it." Full obituary