Zimbuya's One Year Anniversary!

February 2018

It’s been a full year since I launched my gofundme.com campaign, and I wanted to inform my family, friends and donors on what has happened since.

I raised $470 of the $2,000 to buy one instrument. However, I was gifted one of the first soprano marimbas made by the late Aaron Spalding; I can only describe how it happened as magical. The donor and I connected through a mutual friend at the Thomas Mapfumo concert in Bloomington, IN last year. I am very grateful for this beautiful instrument! Of course, the keys sound like new- a testament to Aaron’s incredible craftsmanship.

After receiving this incredible gift, I decided to use your donations like the Mbira Queens always have: to support the family of the late Dr. Sheasby Matiure. I contacted his son, Tafadzwa Matiure, and discovered that we can use your donations to bring him to the US! Tafadzwa is finishing up his degree at Midlands State University, and the educational tour we are planning fulfills a graduation requirement. Even in my musical life, I am always connected to education! We have tour dates for Tafadzwa from June-October to perform and teach, and are waiting on the approval of his visa.

This year has also been full of business development and music here in Indianapolis, Indiana. I registered a business - Zimbuya LLC- and performed some concerts & gigs with the help of generous friends around the state (check out my temporary website (www.zimbuya.com) to see what I’ve been doing). Truly, Zimbuya and the website would not exist without my tech godfather & close friend, Jim Harney. Longtime music buddy, Adam Riviere, has been my music biz guardian angel & is excited about hosting all things Zimbuya at his studio (www.playgroundproductionsstudio.com/). Family friend, and doctor who delivered me, Dr. John Peterson (Doc) invited me to play & sing on two songs he recorded last year, too!

Just last month I met an incredible woman from Zimbabwe, Scholasticah Chidemo, who runs a non-profit (Healing Friends Foundation), and has become my tete (auntie) in helping me figure out how to amend my LLC to become a non-profit organization, which has been my intention all along. For me, it’s very important to bring Zimbabwean artists to Indiana to promote their unique musical tradition & expand our understanding, and also support those who make their living with this art. Zimbuya is committed to amplifying the voices of Zimbabwean artists!

Thus, Zimbuya’s first year has been full of networking, planning and getting ready for the year ahead. I’m blessed to have support from the Mbira Queens, Zimdiana, CircAfrique, ZimMarimb and helpers from around the world who are dedicated to building a strong Zimbabwean music community here in Indiana.

I am still looking for Zimbuya ensemble members in the Indianapolis community. Please contact me if you are local and wanting to join! I’m looking for people who can commit to 2 Sundays/month for 2 hours & split the cost of the rehearsal space. These are ensemble lessons/rehearsals, so you will get to perform with & learn from our visiting artists! What’s holding you back? No experience necessary! :)

Tatenda! Thank you!

Abby Díaz, member
Zimbuya LLC